Prep for Textile Printing...

I told you about my first textiles class last week. This week I'm preparing some experimental pieces to work with on Thursday. Sally warned us that we won't be able to use most, if any of what we create (we're new to this!), and that we will only be working with one color. So I created some simple designs that I can use if they turn out, and trash if they don't. I began with sketches during a lecture...
     I wanted to work off a simple shape - mostly a circle. Although I liked the oval fox too. Next, I drew them larger for linocuts. I dyed the substrate with some cheap dye I had on hand to be able to see what I was doing.
     Sadly, I committed a total rookie mistake and cut my finger. (No stitches necessary - just a plaster/bandaid.) I wanted to do linocuts because I wanted the happy accidents you get with that wood-cut look. Although, I didn't mean that kind of accident - PAH!
     Once I had those completed, I went to the print studio. I couldn't find the black ink, so created a dark hue with prussian blue and raw umber. It was lovely. Of course, the black ink was right in front of me the whole time. I just didn't see it. But the color I ended up with was so nice, I'm glad I missed it. I'll probably create my own black from now on!
     I tell you, so much of art is happy accidents or just working with what you have on hand! I rolled out the ink and here's the first round.
I did these small so that they'd be quick to produce and create a nice chunky line effect. I really like the way they print up.
     I did several runs because no two are ever alike. The ink density varies, the smoothness, texture, etc.
     The only down side with relief printing is you can't take your victory with you when you leave - it's still wet. So, I'll go back to the workshop tomorrow to get my prints for scanning. I'll keep some at the small size because I think they'd make great coasters. One of the print room techs recommended buying cork flooring - brilliant! Some pieces I'll blow up for potential change purses or pillows. (I bought some zippers when I went fabric hunting this weekend.) All said, I'll be curious to see how these turn out. More soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this process E! The Racoon is my fave, but like all of them!
From Martha

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

My pleasure Martha! I'd love to hear if folks have other favorites. Fun! :)