Crows and more crows!

Wonder what I'm up to? CROWS! That's what! One of my art deadlines is coming up soon and I'm actually ahead. I've ended up with a production line, which works great for the layering and drying time watercolors require. This is the first layer of color all of the images have received - yellow cadmium deep.
This string system has worked out pretty well to give me the overview of what I've been doing.
The pieces on the lower right are all experiments, then thumbnails color scripts and studies above those. I've done two covers for variation's sake, to see which I like better. At any rate, it's fun to step back and see this coming to fruition!


Jane Yolen said...

SOOOOOOO excited!

And can hardly sit still wanting to see it up close and personal.


Unknown said...

Looks so exciting to see it develop from concept sketches to full colour x

Lawrence Patton said...

Commenting as Julia Patton

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Soon - soon, Jane! Hugs, e