Stan and I were relaxing on the couch last night when we suddenly heard explosions and saw flashes of light. It turned out to be a truly beautiful and unique fireworks show on Calton Hill and we had a lovely view from our dining room windows. I looked up what the occasion was... It was the Scottish Indian Arts Forum celebration of Dusherra. Per the website (click the image):
Dusherra, one of the largest festivals in India, commemorates a 10 day war between the gods and demons thousands of years ago. It is celebrated with gusto by communities with music, dance, food and a symbolic burning of the Effigies of the demons to celebrate the victory of good over evil.
I love that idea! The fireworks were all red, green or white and some were designs I'd never seen before - very special. It was a romantic reminder of what a magical city we live in - Edinburgh!

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