Where's e? The reveal!

Have you been playing along? Did you figure out Where in the World is e? Well, I'll be home by the time you get this, but here's the big reveal:

All done up for Halloween, no less!

Did you guess New York City? You were right! I stayed in this lovely hotel:
in the heart of the flower district in Chelsea, New York.
I was there to give a lecture at the Fashion Institute of Technology, F.I.T.!


Jane Yolen said…
And you didn't get on the train and come up here to visit me? Shame! Shame on you.

Wish I could have - it was a three-day trip! xxoo e
Jane Yolen said…
You must be exhausted.

Marilyn M. M. said…
I wish I had known! You were quite near where little Henry's mother works (at the Google Building in Chelsea).
It would have been so nice if you could have met Lorielle for coffee or lunch. You'd really enjoy each other - two very creative women.

Shoot! Although, I was only there for one full day and two half days, and on a strange clock at that. I would have loved to have seen more friends, but I also had to leave room for schedule changes. So - I'll just have to return with more time! :) e

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