Birthday ~ Going Away Party

Each year, I struggle to see all my Scotland friends before I rush off to the states for the summer to teach at Hollins University in the MFA in Children's Book Writing and Illustrating program. The solution? Gather them together all at once! And since my birthday falls right before I leave, it works out perfectly.
This year, Stan did most of the work planning everything. I was so grateful! All I did was gather the list of invites and buy some decorations the day before. YAY! Meanwhile, Stan worked his bum off, making pulled pork, potato salad, cole slaw, hors d'oeuvres trays, and getting the drinks. I made gluten/dairy free brownies.
Marta and Ash came with Pedro, the only kid in the room. He's wonderfully bright and creative, but I know he must get bored around all us adults. So I hand him my phone and make him the official photographer. He's behind most of these shots, which is why you can't see him. What I love is, you can tell by the angle that he's getting taller.

He's really good at candids. I love the gesture he caught between me and Connie.
Amandine looks like pure joy in this shot.
He also caught Jane, Annemarie and Debby mid-conversation.
I especially like this one of me opening a gift with Yaxi and Jenn from Glasgow Uni.
In fact, I was thrilled how many folks came over from Glasgow, which was no easy task as the trains and subway lines were nuts as people flooded in for the Rolling Stones concert!
Pedro wasn't the only one taking photos. Johnny took a few too, trying out new settings on his phone.
I forgot to tell everyone not to bring presents and must admit, I'm glad. Because check out this outpouring of love and all the books and flowers - YAY!!!
My friends know me well. (We already owned The Tick - I pull out toys for folks to play with.)
This photo of me was too back-lit for details, but you can tell I'm smiling. I love squeezing all my friends together in our wee flat. It's like one enormous hug and keeps me going all through the summer! Thank you, everyone!! xxoo

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Amandine said...

Such a lovely day ♥️ thank you and see you in august !