Shoreline of Infinity Event with Jane

Jane Yolen and I were invited to speak at the launch party for the latest edition of Shoreline of Infinity - a sci-fi/fantasty anthology of stories, poems, and illustrations. (Cover art by Siobhan McDonald.) So Jane came down from St Andrews to stay with us for a few days.
     I love it when Jane comes to visit. It gives us time to sit on the couch and talk and talk and talk about all the things we're passionate about - stories, books, children's publishing, creating, all of it! And boy, did we!
     Although, the main reason for Jane's visit was the event. It was held at Frankenstein's on the George IV Bridge. It's hard to miss...
It's a funny, kitschy pub in the heart of a touristy area, so it's gimmicked up as much as a 17th-century structure can be. The event was in the basement space, with big long tables and bench seating.
     An electronic musician opened with a heart-thumping piece that could have opened Carl Sagan's movie Contact - very cool.
     Jane read first. She shared a piece from The Emerald Circus, some of her other collections, and she talked about a project that she and I are working on together (currently being shopped). We showed everyone the thumbnails for it on the two screens to each side of the stage.
     There was another poet, then me. I shared my haiku from Marginal Creatures collection since three of them were featured in the anthology.
I also shared the cover of Crow Not Crow.
     It was a good crowd and there were several speakers after us, including Russell Jones who stared Shoreline of Infinity (which has turned into a thoroughly groovy thing to be a part of).
     The event was filmed and shared on Facebook - you can watch by clicking the screenshot below.

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