What a Bookshelf Can Do!

Thank you to everyone for the sweet birthday wishes this week!
     Hubby got me the best present for a geek creator like me - a new bookshelf!
(You might remember that awesome orange bookshelf he purchased for me back in the states? It now resides at Hollins University where it holds my US picture book collection that I share with my students each summer.)
     I'll admit, the only thing I have regretted getting rid of in The Great Purge is my books. That said, I really couldn't have kept them. They were too heavy to ship. Even so, I can't tell you how many times during my studies I have said, "Well, I used to own that book. I guess I'll have to buy it again!" (or check it out from the library, which is what I do more of these days).
     The other thing that has 're-stuffed' in my life is art supplies.
     When we left the states, I was still a digital creator and had my art studio down to a backpack - my laptop and Wacom tablet could both fit inside it and that was it!
     The MFA changed all that. I am now a mostly traditional creator (I Love having originals to share!), which requires art supplies. But, art supplies take up space. To stay somewhat organized, I had them in bags inside boxes, which meant that every time I wanted to work with something, I had to dig. That is not very conducive to creativity!
     A simple Ikea bookshelf, placed on its side, has changed everything for me! Not only do I now have a new credenza-like workspace adding to my surface area, all of my books and supplies are where I can see them and easy to get to, so I'll be much more likely to use them. For instance...Here are my sketchbooks and sketchpads.
I have two cubbies full of art supplies.
Here are my academic books and notebooks from my MFA and 1st year PhD.
And of course, there are the books - my all time fave picture books finally out where I can see them, and can, therefore, more easily share them with others!
What a fabulous birthday present! HAPPY!!!!


Melissa said...

Happy (late) birthday!!

Jane Yolen said...

Hmmm You will never guess what I am bringing today as my birthday present.