Packing for Hollins

I finally got all my tech sorted for teaching in the Children's Literature Graduate programs at Hollins University. It usually takes a few days to get all the kinks out and get set up each year. Hence, these posts are a bit out of order.
      You may wonder what it's like to travel somewhere for six weeks, especially when life doesn't stop for that sort of thing, and there are also books and supplies I want to share. Well, here are my bags on the tram to the Edinburgh airport.
That's it. My backpack, a suitcase that could fit in an overhead, and a secondary bag. (I check the latter two.)
      Over the years, I've left quite a few items at Hollins so that I don't have to do this all over again every year. Things like my picture book collection, lamps, shampoo, summer clothes (that I don't need in Scotland), etc. I've got the whole system pretty streamlined. And if I miss something really important, Stan can mail it to me, as he stays in Scotland.
     It's an odd thing to live this two-continent life, I'll admit, but it's doable! And faculty housing has become my second home. Of course, Appalachia will always have a strong hold on my heart. I'm back!


Robyn Hood Black said...

Lucky students... Have a FANTASTIC summer session!
(We are all already pining for Scotland, BTW....) XO

Tina Hanlon said...

I'm glad you are back--just getting impatient to see you but it surely won't be long. I admire the efficient packing.