My classroom at Hollins

This year at Hollins University's Children's Literature Graduate Program, I'm teaching Picture Book Design in the same classroom I was last year (we base this on the number of students, and some other factors), so it doesn't look all that different.
Next year we may have to switch it up as we have a ton of new students coming through the program who will start needing my class. We'll see. But for now, I have the luxury of just three students.
Well, 2 1/2 really. One of my students needed an accommodation, so we're filming the morning portion of my class with a video camera, which she reviews over lunch. We weren't sure how this was going to work...
     Turns out, it's working quite well and with funny results. The camera has become like our invisible friend and we (students and I) interact with it all morning. Students hold their sharpened pencils up to the camera - TA DA! And the student leaves her homework out on her desk for me to go through each day. (It's like Christmas morning for me!)
     Here was her desk after our module on 'What Makes Good Design?' Do you know about the Golden Ratio?
Here's another of my students, Deanne, settling into her space.
Of course, we have to have our reading corner where we do my Heart Art project, share picture books, and discuss assigned texts. It's the heart of our studio.
And we're off and running! Next time you see this classroom - it will be a mess! No, really!

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