Robyn and Jane and Artsy Letters

This has been a crazy, busy, and FUN week! Robyn Hood Black, a dear friend from years back in SCBWI Southern Breeze came through town with her entire family. They'd been planning it for months and we'd been emailing the whole time. They based their visit on DNA testing to visit their genetic roots. I sent her my 'visitors guide' that I put together for friends. When they arrived, we caught up for a lovely, long lunch at the Amber Room on the Royal Mile.
     Bonus! Jane Yolen was visiting us as well because we had an event the next evening (more on that in the next post). So, here are the girls: Robyn's daughter, Morgan, Jane, Me, and Robyn. Fuzzy love! :)
     Along with being a wonderful poet, Robyn has a small business she calls Artsy Letters for which she makes jewellery, note-cards, and sweet gifts for those of us in love with all things words and lettery.
     Happy me - she brought me a birthday/thank you gift - this gorgeous necklace she made for me!
I love it so much! The little map is of Edinburgh, and there's a looking glass, a cardinal direction charm, and an anchor. For some reason, the anchor really spoke to me, although I couldn't explain why. I asked Robyn about it and she said, "...the anchor called to me (really - wasn't planned). I pondered a minute, then thought about the courage and heart and pluck it took for you to pull up anchor in one place and go drop it in a new (old) world where you could thrive." That's IT! What an insightful friend.
     I think it so ironic that one of my favorite Edinburgh treasures was made in South Carolina.
     We didn't get to spend nearly enough time together, but still, I love how many dear friends come to Edinburgh so that I don't have to miss them so much!

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