Children's Literature MEd Holiday Lunch

This semester I have had the great honour to be the first Graduate Teaching Assistant in the University of Glasgow MEd in Children's Literature and Literacies program in the "Texts for Children" course. As such, all semester long I've had the privilege to read the online assignments written by this wonderfully bright and international group of students, all as passionate about children's books as I am. Saturday was our last class for the semester, so we made a holiday celebration out of it. Everyone brought a dish and a holiday book.
Okay, I'll admit there were more Scottish sweeties than real food, although there ended up being enough for everyone to get by. (I brought cornbread.) We had a lovely time relaxing together.

The best part, of course, was when Dr Maureen Farrell pulled out a copy of THE 12 DAYS O YULE in Scots (yes, it is a completely different language that I'm happy to say I can mostly understand).
Dr Jennifer Farrar helped out too as everyone sang along.
I love this shot with Maddi (from Italy) all curled into a ball like a happy listener on the left there, singing about "My true luve gied tae me, A reid robin in a Rowan Tree".
Happily, I get to work with this same group of students next semester in Dr Evelyn Arizpe's Critical Enquiries course, which is lovely, because I am really enjoying these students! (Pictured here with the other instructor on the program, Julie McAdam, in front - obviously, we are a fun bunch!) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
(Photos © me, Julie McAdam, and Maureen Farrell)

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