Karine Polwart - Creative Writing Talk

The Creative Writing Department at the University of Glasgow puts together wonderful talks with successful luminaries each month in the on campus memorial chapel. This month, the featured speaker was none other than Karine Polwart - who I recently talked about with her new book A Wee Bird Was Watching, illustrated by my friend Kate Leiper.
Karine has been a folk-singer for eons now, and is also well-known for her tributes to Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell. The talk was fascinating as her career has been a journey of discovery and reclamation of old songs, stories, and modern adaptations and retellings. She is truly a story-catcher, song-catcher, and keeper of treasures. So it was a treat to learn more about this talented woman, and to hear her sing once more, which in a chapel like this, truly sounded like a chorus of angels from on high!

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