Christmas 2018 - Still in Scotland!

It's hard to believe, but it's our 4th holiday season in Edinburgh! We decided to celebrate with a real Christmas tree this year. Of course, when you live in a city, the tree you choose is determined by the weight of the tree and how far you're willing to carry it. Stan found the perfect tree - a live tree (already has a pot/stand) that is just big enough to be a real tree, but small enough to fit into a taxi... and our flat. It's more of a Christmas bush; we're calling it 'The Wee Tree.'
It's the perfect size to hold our wee collection of decorations (not many). And I bought a portable electric light that has rainbow shades. I meant to use it for the dining table, but it does fun things under the tree - yellow, green, red, purple light shines up into the branches. It's a mood tree - HA!
     I also made cards and cookies for friends. The recipe for the cookies is still a work-in-progress (must be GF/DF), but they turned out pretty cute.

     Of course, the entire city is lit up for the holidays, so we get to enjoy decorations everywhere, including at the Waverly train station. The city is simply a wonderful extension of our home, so it's a great way to get in the Christmas spirit!

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