UoG Education Staff Christmas Dinner

Now that I'm a Graduate Teaching Assistant I am not only included on all the emails (a flood of emails!), I was also invited to the annual staff meeting that was followed up with the Education Staff Christmas Dinner. I've been told that in the past, these were simply catered affairs in the ed building. So the fact that this was a proper sit-down dinner in a lovely restaurant was an incredible and generous treat for everyone, especially considering there were over 50 of us!
     It was a well-deserved treat, though. Over the past few years the Education School at the University of Glasgow has been ranked the #1 Education School in all of the UK. Within the University, the School of Education ranks as one of the best top three as far as hitting goals and expectations among all of the Colleges. Much of this has been thanks to Trevor Gale, Head of the School of Education (on the left, here with my supervisors Bob Davis and Evelyn Arizpe).
And the amazing support he has around him, such as his right-hand assistant Moira, in the middle here with me and another Professor.
It's also due, of course, to the amazing Professors, lecturers, and support staff within the school. Here are a few of them.

All said, the School of Education at the University of Glasgow is an impressive institution that I am so proud to be a part of! Happy Holidays to all - well earned!

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