e was at Winthrop University!

Did you figure out where I was last week? I had the great honor to travel to Winthrop University in South Carolina to meet and talk to the design/illustration students and faculty there.
Winthrop is a medium-sized, public university in the gorgeous little town of Rock Hill, just south of Charlotte, North Carolina. It couldn't have been a better weekend as the dogwoods and azaleas were in full bloom, the sky was a perfect blue, and the weather was warm enough for students and doggies to simply hang out.
The campus is absolutely lovely - especially Hardin Garden.
The design of the garden is based on the Golden Ratio, so makes a wonderful learning demonstration.
I had the great pleasure to have David 'Doc' Brown as my guide. Doc created the illustration program as it is now, based on narrative illustration. His program is a writer/illustrator's DREAM, covering things like fairytales & folktales, heroes & anti-heroes, and sequential illustration. We met several years ago at an SCBWI conference, so were very much of like minds. I got to hang out with several of his classes, including print-making and portrait painting.
And I got to see the graduating students' exit show. Here they are posing with Doc around their show's poster. What a great group of talented people!
The university rolled out the red carpet for me and I felt so loved there - I met several people I hope will become friends. Truly, it was a truly wonderful visit and I hope to go back. If you're not familiar with Winthrop University, check it out. They're doing some pretty special things there.

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