Jennifer Attebery at the University of Glasgow

I told you about Brian Attebery being the Leverhulme Visiting Professor at the University of Glasgow. Well, the University of Glasgow lucked out as his wife, Jennifer Attebery is also a noted scholar. Her expertise is in Folklore - right up my alley! This past week, she gave a wonderful lecture called ‘Wolves & Blood: Using Legend and Folktale in Literature’.
I was glued to everything she had to say as this was right in line with my studies! She explained the difference between Legends and Folktales quite thoroughly, which was so helpful. She also touched on the difference between Folktales and Fairytales, and Myths vs Legends. (I want to hear talks on those two topics as well - please, Jennifer, please!) P.S. Bigfoot is a legend.
An interesting Q&A followed her talk as people asked about her discussion on ostension - which is action based on legend, which is actually rife in modern life. (For instance, the clearing of wolves even though science has proven they are not problems when reintroduced to the wild; or the many racist acts defended by untrue beliefs.) Indeed, the questions proved that those in attendance were also brilliant thinkers (comes with attending one of the best universities in the world). But Jennifer held her own and obviously knows her topic inside and out! To celebrate, Jennifer and Brian came to stay with us in Edinburgh for the weekend. Of course, we took them to our favourite seafood restaurant for the now required photo of our friends with a fruit de mer (seafood platter). Happiness!

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