Lunch with friends

It was a beautiful Saturday in Edinburgh and we got together with friends at our local French restaurant, L'escargot Bleu (The Blue Snail) for lunch.
I had the fish rillettes and fish soup, which was to die for.
The others had blood sausage and beef, with cherries soaked in kir for dessert. Lovely! We sat in the room next to the kitchen where we could watch the chef at work.
And next to the window with a view of the gorgeous spring day (here's Connie).
On the way back, I had to take photos of the cherry trees in blossom.
And yet another found item placed strategically for the owner to find when they wander back by. It seemed fitting that they were sunglasses this time - the 'cherry' on top of the sunny day!
I'm still gathering images of my lost/found items which you can view on my Instagram page.

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