I've been playing again. This time, I felt like drawing Merlin with his studio stuffed with all manner of items. I took a photo half-way through so you can see my process.
I'd really like to paint this one day when I have time (HA!), as it's got a lot of things going on in it that I love to play with. For instance, there are at least two light sources - one cool (the moon) and one warm (the candles). Contrast would be a big deal to make sure the viewers eye goes where I want it to - Merlin's face - a light spot against the dark. Making sure I don't distract from that spot would be tricky. All fun stuff for an illustrator to play with!
Since I've scanned him to paint later, I'm going to sell the original drawing in my Etsy Store.


janice skivington said...

Elizabeth, this is a beautiful drawing, one of your best. The style of shading reminds me a bit of Maurice Sendak.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Thank you, Janice!!! That's a high compliment! xxoo e