Lady Liberty Love

What can I do as an artist to show that I embrace ALL PEOPLE and value the contributions immigrants make to our country? Make art, that's what.
     So, I wanted to remind you that I created an image of the Statue of Liberty embracing an immigrant child to show that America stands for open arms and open opportunities for people who need or want them, and has for over two hundred years. Please share with your friends. Part of my profits will go to the ACLU to help fight battles to honor humanity in all its nuances. The image is available on t-shirts and other items in my Zazzle Store (click the image). You can also download the image for posters FOR FREE - CLICK HERE.

You can also download my Lady Liberty - I'm With Her image - CLICK HERE.
This image is also available on t-shirts through my Zazzle Store.

Let kids color the image too - also FOR FREE!
And please feel free to share these two images on the internet FOR FREE. This is how I help. Please be my voice and spread the word!

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Jennifer Oberholtzer said...

Beautiful & timely, Elizabeth! I love this!