Our annual outing to Nancy's House

Every year the illustration faculty from Hollins University goes to visit the former head of the Art program at Hollins, Nancy Dahlstrom. She's an amazing woman who doesn't let a little bit of age slow her down.
One of the treats of visiting Nancy's place is the incredible garden she keeps up.
Here's the view from her porch with her 'gourd tree'.
Her garden only hints at the land she keeps up. To see it all, we have to pile in the back of her gator (here's John, Ashley, and Rufus).
And head up the hill...
At the top of her property is an old outlook post that never got finished. She decided to grow gourds all over it.

Ashley, John, and Nancy were much braver than me and climbed up the thing as it wobbled and shook underneath them. Rufus would have gone too, but he just couldn't figure out the ladder. "Mommy!"
Inside Nancy's house, we set up a feast of fresh summer yummies, and explored her genie bottle of a house with all its creative nooks and crannies. Here's Nancy with my favorite painting of hers, which I swear, I will buy from her one day.
We usually hang out deep into the night, watching the stars without any light pollution (what a treat after living in a big city for four years!). And we all head back to Hollins a lot more relaxed. Thank you, Nancy!

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Jean said...

Such wonderful photos. Love Nancy's house and her grounds are impeccable, such wonderful sights to see and places to explore. So glad you are able to see the stars in a beautiful and
light free setting. Nancy's painting is simply gorgeous and I don't blame you for wanting to buy it, so go ahead. Don't regret it!