Coping during Covid

How are you holding up through all this Covid craziness? A friend made Stan and I some very stylish masks to wear - thanks JD!!!
Meanwhile, I've purchased two things that are making my life a bit easier during lock-down. The first is a HOOLA-HOOP!!! I figure, what better form of social distancing exercise could you get!?
The other is a little rollie desk. It's given me the ability to use other spots in our wee apartment for video-conferencing (which I've been doing quite a bit of), and is working GREAT!

I purchased both via Amazon, of course. Here's the Hoola Hoop, and here's the desk. I especially like what one of the reviewers did with his - he turned it into a positive cock-pit, just like on Star Trek - groovy!
I hope you're faring well at your home. Have you come across something that's made your life easier too? Share below!

UPDATE! JD is holding a special promotion if you'd like some masks like ours. Visit her FB page to learn more!

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