The new craze - bread making!

Yes, Stan has jumped on board the bread-making bandwagon! That's okay, I get to eat up all the benefits! For Easter, he decided to make bagels...
The dough was very wet and made quite the mess. Once the dough was risen, Stan made rings from the dough.
Then he boiled them, per the recipe.
And baked them.
Here's a before and after shot.
Of course, the best part was the eating them with (non-dairy) cream cheese and jam - OMG! SO GOOD!
And it's not the only bread Stan's taken to making. Today he made a sandwich loaf too.
So, here I sit, teaching online, while my hubby cooks and makes the apartment smell wonderful. Is it any wonder I'm gaining weight? Hence, the hoola-hoop! :)

2 comments: said...

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Robyn Hood Black said...

YUM! I'm lucky to have a bread-making hubby as well... it's a nice marriage perk, though please pass the hoola hoop... XO