WU Undergraduate Scholarship & Creative Activity

I'm thrilled to announce the publication of this year's Winthrop University Undergraduate Scholarship & Creative Activity illustrated and designed by student Erin Jones. Click the image to open the publication in a new window.
Our "Get Out the Vote" mural project is on page 77, and our "Treehouse Project" is on page 79. Illustration student Maggie Feltman-Ruiz's thesis project, DisGUYsed, is discussed on page 44; Elizabeth Shepard's thesis project, Unhinged, is discussed on page 45; JJ Jacobsen's thesis project, Wild Apparel is on page 57; and Alexis Simmons' thesis project, Death Bakes Pies, is on page 58. But keep scrolling! There are all sorts of interesting projects done by students all over the Winthrop campus. As for my illustration students, I'm so proud!

Per the announcement: Please also visit our SOURCE 2020 site on Digital Commons. Here, we have posted all abstracts for projects that students had planned to present or perform at SOURCE (the Sixth Annual Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors). We also invited students to upload additional files related to their abstracts—narrated presentations, posters, written papers, videos, etc. I’ve attached a “schedule” of SOURCE projects, in case you’d like to plan your browsing.

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