08 February 2010

Author Overload

RT @thewritermama: The Remedy For Author Overload (Hint: It’s a Very Short Word) http://shar.es/aPGY0 SO, SO TRUE!!!

A bit more on this subject:
     I am lucky enough to have followers who love my work and want to help spread the word by asking me for giveaway books, visits, and artwork to share in charities, fund-raisers, at needy schools, etc. Sometimes I receive several requests a day. As you can imagine, at that rate, there's no way I can say 'yes' to everybody. (And just responding to them all can eat up huge chunks of creative time.) But these are sincere requests for good causes from well-intentioned people and I really do want to help.
     So, what to do?
     It's part of why I create my coloring pages and make sure all my books have lots of fun free activities. So, I sincerely hope you are enjoying them and sharing them! It's my way of giving back for all your wonderful loyalty and support. Thanks so much!



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