Coloring Page Tuesday Widget for YOU!

I've created a Coloring Page Tuesday widget for you to add to your blogs! Just Visit my Blog and scroll down in the sidebar. (It's hard to miss.) At the bottom of the widget is a button which will let you automatically pop it into your blog or share it with friends. (Clicking this image will take you to my blog.) The widget will update with each week's new Coloring Page Tuesday image!
What do you think? Do you like it??


Dora said…
Yes I like it a lot :) I will definitely link it to my sidebar.. and if you want to visit my blog.. guess what ? :) I've just used on of your free images to make a card ! Thanks again
Sharon Mayhew said…
Very cool idea! I love the free coloring sheet and the giving away a signed book for every hundred followers.

Have fun with your new blog...I just put you on my blog roll. (I aspire to be a pb writer.)
Sharon, Just to clarify - it's just this first 100 right now! Gads! (Although that's not a bad idea, hm...)
Thanks for the add!
Sharon Mayhew said…
You have to think big, right? :) Sorry if I read that wrong. I don't have any of my own books to sign at 100 followers, but I'm going to do interviews with some of my published friends a give away signed copies of their books. (I'm either buying their books to give away or they are giving them to me, depending on where they are in their careers.)
Dani Duck said…
I really like the widget. Unfortunately, it's too big for my blog. Too wide, specifically. If you have a smaller version I'd love to add it to my blog.
I'm so glad you said something, because I really debated on the size. I wondered if it was too big. Per your comment, I have gone in and made it smaller - 150px wide. I hope that will fit on your blog now?
And thanks so much for the shout out on your blog!

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