How NOT to approach an editor

The Southern region of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators holds their annualSpringmingle Conference this weekend. They always kick it off with a quick list of how NOT to approach an editor. But despite that, people still do inappropriate things. Like this...

     This was a great skit created by Paula Yoo and editor Arthur Levine for the SCBWI NY conference in January. Thing is, I have heard of this happening - or manuscripts being handed under the doors in stalls. Seriously.
     So guys - don't do this.
     Most editors keep a window open for submissions from conference attendees after they return home. Sit on your... manuscripts and mail them after the conference!
     Now to end on a positive note - here's a great post at Dee Scribe on "How Not to Scare Away Publishers & Agents." I especially liked her comments on urgency:
...publishers/agents and authors work within different urgency scales...[publishers/agents] are involved in a business where what they do has to form part of a plan; where they have to prioritize.
     She invites budding writers to get social while they wait - it's why we have so many great support organizations like SCBWI. It's also a great place to rant/scream/talk about how much patience is required to be a writer.
     And I guess that's the bottom line.
     This business moves slower than molasses in winter, you can work with that or let it drive you crazy. It's your choice, and the only thing you have any control over.


Cathy C. Hall said…
Oh my gosh! I thought I was the ONLY one who did that! :-)

Looking forward to Springmingle, too. Hope to see you there (and all your lovely books-wow!)
Jenni Bielicki said…
I'm trying to stop laughing long enough to type this comment...

The best part was when the camera person started laughing at the (accidental) automatic flush!

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