Subscribers to my blog... (via email)

If you receive this email, then my RSS address change went through without you needing to do anything - Yay! (Could a few of you let me know? Email: elizabeth at dulemba dot com.) The only hiccup is, I think it tried to send you my entire blog yesterday. So sorry for the enormous email! But it should be working now, and you should only receive my most recent blog posts from now on.
Truly, if this worked, I am so pleased. I really didn't want to lose you guys!

P.S. - If you'd like to receive my blog posts via email - go to my new blog and sign up in the sidebar. Thanks!


Chris said...

I got it in my email, so we're all set. No problem for me that you have to change, just a pain on your end.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Yay! Thanks Chris. I've heard from several subscribers now, and everything appears to have transferred without hiccups. I'm so glad!