19 February 2010

Novel Writing - Round 3

Okay, I haven't shared a TON about writing my current novel - so here's a catch-up.

Round 1. Throw it all on the page. I was writing back story, getting to know my characters, and creating scenes I needed to include. But, it was mostly all for me - information I needed to know. It wasn't the book, not yet.

Round 2. Write the story... in alternating viewpoints between Archie and Jinx. It's on paper, it's working. Almost 50,000 words - the average length of a YA novel. And it's a good story.
     One problem - Jinx was stealing the show, and it isn't even her story. (Although she figures heavily in the plot.) That often happens in alternating viewpoints, but what to do? (And no, it really can't be Jinx's story.)
     Rework her chapters - delete some of them - a lot of them. Figure out what was making her so dynamic and pull that energy into my main character - Archie.

Round 3. I'm rewriting the story - Archie's story. I'll be able to use a ton of what I've already created, but I need to ramp up the tension, put more on the line, and get more inside of Archie's head. I also need to concentrate on the order of events and pacing. I'll ask questions like, "Am I telling this in the most push-you-forward kind of way?" Will my reader be able to put the book down? (I don't want them to.)

So, I've been mulling for about two weeks - walking around distracted, running into walls - as I try to figure it all out. I still have a lot of work to do, but I've gotten to know my characters and the adventure they're experiencing intimately. Now I just need to figure out the BEST way to share it... so I'm diving back in (not a completely comfortable venture) and will let you know when I resurface.



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