Follow Me Drive and Giveaway!

One of the cool things I can do with this new blog is have followers. And oooo it does an ego good. But since I'm new to this, I don't have many yet. So, how's this - when I get to 100 followers here on my blog I will do a random drawing from my existing followers and one follower will win a free signed copy of one of my books (their pick). Sound good?
To follow me, Visit my Blog and scroll down in the sidebar - click "follow" at the "Google Friend Connect" widget. And remember, you can also subscribe via email or sign up to receive "e's news" (big announcements) or my weekly Coloring Page Tuesday Alerts. Woosie - I got all kinds of ways for you to stay in the loop!

Update! I'm so glad y'all are spreading the word about this, but I do need to clarify this is for the first 100 followers only. I may change that in the future, but not just yet. So sign up soon!


Helen Dooley said…
This is awesome. I want to say you have serious talent to come up with some awesome images. I have a22 yr old who is finishing her schooling for teaching. She goes to WI Lutheran, urban teaching is what she wants. I have been scouring for resources for her. Yours is a great one. I am a crafter and I love your images. Are we allowed to use them for cards and scrap pages? Thanks so much for your hard work.
Hi Helen,
Wonderful! I love teachers and I love crafters - you have them both in your family! Please feel free to use my images to make cards. I have my Angel Policy (to cover usage questions) at
Thanks so much for asking!
♥ Lydia ♥ said…
That sounds...ermmm....FANTASTIC!! :0)
I'd love to have a peek at one of your books... if your images are anything to go by, it'd be amazing x

* I'll put a link on my blog for you :)
Why thank ya Lydia! Love the hearts!
Ben Woodard said…
Hi, Elizabeth
I'm in. Love to have one of your books. I convinced a friend to download Lulu's Brew. Haven't heard how his child liked it, but he and I did. I want to do a blog, but I guess that means I, have to write? Maybe soon.
Thanks Ben! Please let me know what your friend says about Lula - I'd love to hear! Yup - blogging is a commitment, but it's an addictive one!

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