01 February 2010


From iPhone Savior: "Fring App Debuts Skype Calls Over iPhone 3G." Video phone calls on your iPhone? Wow.
     Y'know, I remember when I was a kid (back in the stone ages) going on a weekend science class field trip to NASA (yeah, it was a cool class) to see the space shuttle and all the other cool things the scientists were up to at the time. What was hot that year? Gumby on tv, space ice-cream, and mock video telephones.
     The idea was they would be in all our homes some day - these massive contraptions (the size of a mini-fridge now) that we would stand in front of to talk to somebody via video.
     If the me of today could go back to the me back then and show her this new gadget/feature, I think she/I would have fainted. (Okay, now I'm confused enough I still might.) But isn't that a trip of a thing? Just wild.


Christina E. Rodriguez said...

Oooo, when they develop this for Pocket PC phones I'm definitely going to need to check it out.

CraftyTweetie said...

Reminds me of the original computers, which would take up a whole building or at least a whole room. Or the 1st cell phones, which were about a foot long and had antennas that were about just as long. I recently saw a movie in which a detective was talking on one of these prehistoric gadjets. We sure have come a long way

cal8007 said...

Neat! I'll have to check it out - would love to have it to talk to my kids in another state (the US state LOL!!!)

I wonder if they make it for the Droid.



Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

It is amazing, isn't it? Who ever thought we'd see things like this in our lifetime?


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