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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Caldecott Winners

There was a cool post at Squidoo recently - a full list of Caldecott winning books with thumbnails of most of the covers at The Best Children's Picture Books Are the Caldecott Medal Winners.
     The Caldecott is like winning an Oscar for best picture book illustration each year. It's wonderful to see all the books displayed together, although there was a major miss in that all the titles are then attributed to their authors - not their award-winning illustrators! (Unless the person was one in the same.) Um....
     Anyhow - I'm not sure I've seen them all gathered in one place online like this before, so it's a good resource, nonetheless.


Deebi27 said...

I have so many of those books in my book collection...picture book have long been a favorite of mine. I haven't collected as many as I have in the past, but I love to go to Barnes and Nobles, sit in a corner and read picture books. Great way to spend an afternoon!!! Thanks for your talented ability to illustrate, so many times when the pictures are of quality...no words are needed!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

I wish I had more time for that! :)


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