Ruckus Media Group - This changes everything

The big dogs have entered the arena.
     According to Publishers Weekly (Richter Launches Ruckus Media, a Kids' Digital Publishing Venture), Rick Richter (former head of Simon & Schuster Children's Publshing) - has begun a mobile media company creating picture book apps - Ruckus Mobile Media.
     And Rubin Pfeffer is involved (no surprise after his amazing speech on adapting to new media at the SCBWI LA conference: Pfeffer Challenges SCBWI to Join the Digital Age). And a whole slew of the very top people in children's publishing are on board. And wait - is that Robin Williams? And Elvis Costello? Doing voice? Hooo boy.
     Yup. Like I said, this changes everything. The picture book app market has just gone up a notch. This is HUGE!


Allyson said...

Thanks so much for writing about Ruckus! We love your energy and can't wait to forge ahead with the release of our fantastic apps!

Allyson Kane
Marketing Specialist
Ruckus Media Group

Deebi27 said...

Way cool...I finally joined the band wagon and got an iPhone!!! I am also thinking about an iPad to use in my Pre-K classroom...picture books on an iPad...WOW!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Our world is changing and giving us more ways to love books! :)