A Bird on Water Street is an Academics' Choice Award Winner!

Lovely things keep happening to A BIRD ON WATER STREET! I just heard that ABOWS is an Academics' Choice Award Winner! I'm so flattered! This is a review highlight:
"This thoughtful book would be perfect for my 6th grade class. I'm just about done with it and don't want it to end. Dulemba has made her characters believable, real, and enjoyable. Coppertown is a symbol for all things industry. I'd use this book to help my students learn about the pros and cons of industry as it relates to nature and family life. It could also be read during 19th century American studies as it relates well and brings the human stories into play when talking about the effects of industry on nature, family and the economy. I highly recommend this well written book!"
YAY!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

     If you're a teacher and you'd like to use A BIRD ON WATER STREET in your classroom, there is a free teacher's guide with talking points available - CLICK HERE or the image to get to it on the Little Pickle Press website.

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Penny Parker Klostermann said...

Awesome!!!! Congrats!