Friday Linky List - December 26, 2014

From Flavorwire: Are You An Adult Who Reads YA Novels? Congratulations, You Saved Publishing in 2014

At Fuse #8: Newbery/Caldecott 2015: Final Prediction Edition - I don't agree with her on all of them, and there are a few titles missing for sure, but it's a good listing nonetheless.

At PW: 'One Hundred Famous Children's Books': A Grolier Club Exhibition

From PW: Children's Books Climb at the Start of the Holiday Season!

From the Guardian (via PW): Charlie Higson: 'Kids should have nightmares, they should be scared of things'

At the Guardian (via PW): Listen to an exclusive extract from Philip Pullman's new Northern Lights story - much anticipated!

At Nerdy Book Club - I kind of love this idea: The Margin Project


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