Post PiBoIdMo Guest Post

Today I head over to the Picture Book Idea Month for a post-PiBo guest blog post called "Track Ideas and Let Them Simmer." It's a quick summary of how I keep track of ideas and keep them working for me. A peek into my process.
     Other authors and illustrators will be talking all week - you may want to read them too. They are:
     Dec 1 - Vanessa Brantley-Newton
     Dec 2 - Cece Bell
     Dec 3 - Timothy Young
     Dec 4 - Michele Wells
     Dec 5 - Laura Gehl
     Dec 6 - Carol Gordon Ekster
     Dec 7 - Me
     Dec 8 - Laura Zarrin
     Dec 9 - Deb Lund
     So go to the Picture Book Idea Month blog and git reading!

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