MIX IT UP by Hervé Tullet - GIVEAWAY!

Well, I wasn't able to get Hervé Tullet on, but his new book is getting a ton of praise and deserves every drop of it! MIX IT UP! is absolutely BRILLIANT! And it's not just for kids - it's a great introduction to color and color mixing. Heck, I want to use it in my Design class at Hollins University next summer. It's that good. It's also interactive...
Remember PRESS HERE? (also by Hervé) - watch THIS VIDEO:

MIX IT UP! also has you interacting with the book in ways you never would have thought of (in France, it's called "Couleurs"):

CLICK HERE if the embedded video gives you any issues.
Truly, this is such a fresh approach to what a book can be, and presented in such a pure form - simple color! I think the man might be a genius. CLICK HERE if the video doesn't work for you.

Despite not getting an interview, Chronicle has agreed to give away a free copy of MIX IT UP! to one of my lucky followers. Must live in the US or Canada to win. Enter below:
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