Apalachicola for Thanksgiving

Hubbie and I went to Apalachicola, Florida for Thanksgiving. Even though it was in sunny Florida, it rained for several days, which turned out fine for me. I made massive progress on my work-in-progress mid-grade novel, putting National Novel Writing Month's goal of 50,000 words well within reach.
     And best of all, we brought our pooch, Bernie with us to see how he would adapt to a new environment, including elevators. He's a rescue and doesn't like change, so I'd been nervous about how he'd adapt to Edingurgh, Scotland in the fall. Happily, he did GREAT! The elevators had him quite puzzled - he'd look at the door and the floor with his ears perked up, wondering why the world changed on the other side when the door opened. But within three days, we'd already established new patterns and he was fine. I think he'll be fine in Scotland! Here he is on his very first beach experience:

     Meanwhile, we had a lovely and scenic Thanksgiving. Here are some photos (Stan took most of these):
Gotta do Boss Oyster when in Apalach:

We had raw, oysters with roe, and I had grilled oysters too. I got my fill! Stan was happy too:

Although we couldn't catch the image, two dolphins were playing in the marina and swam straight towards us like torpedoes before coming up to make their happy cackle sound and swim on. Can you see the fin? Wow.

I loved this one that Stan got. I think it would make a great screen saver too. Click the image to open a larger version:

This is an oysterer going out for the day's catch. What a different life, what a relaxed pose of ability, skill, and knowledge. I love this photo:


And finally, the view from our mini apartment:

And being Apalachicola, they didn't have a Christmas tree - they were putting up the Christmas net with all the crab trap buoys for decorations. All I can say is... Happy Yule, Y'all!

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