A Bird on Water Street through the eyes of readers

My novel has been slowly making its way into the hands of readers here on the European side of the pond and I have been so flattered by the response. One of the best warm fuzzies just arrived recently. Marta and her son read together and 8-years-old Pedro loved A Bird on Water Street. So much so, he drew some images from the book, which he gave me permission to share...
Do you see the slag dump and the company? I love the clothesline especially. Thank you for sharing, Pedro! I'm so glad ABOWS meant so much to you.
     I'm also starting to hear from readers (and teachers of readers) who are reading A Bird on Water Street as part of the Georgia Children's Book Awards program. 20 books were chosen for middle schoolers to read and vote on. 18 were mid-grade and 2 were slightly older. ABOWS is one of the two older books. It means that LOTS of kids are reading my book right now. So it's a win whether or not it actually 'wins'! CLICK HERE to read more about that.
     I'll be doing some Skype visits with some of these readers soon and I'm so looking forward to it!

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