Touring the Allotments

When Connie and I finished carving pumpkins, and Stan returned from wandering about on his own, we toured the allotments together. The land is divided up into quarter, half and full plots. Connie's plot is a smaller one because a full plot requires a lot of time. Like this one that belongs to Connie's friend, Ed. He has a great shed with a little seating area, wine glasses and a few bottles tucked about. (Hope to get to know him better!)
     Connie's plot is also towards the back (and high up the hill with a great view). She shared that if a plot is on one of the main paths through the allotments, it will be judged by the fellow gardeners. So you better keep it looking nice. Ha!
And every single plot has a shed! (Connie inherited hers and painted it blue!) I had heard sheds were a bit of an obsession in the UK, long before I left the states, and indeed they are! But now I get it, they are so freaking adorable - little man-caves or she-sheds! (This first one is to the left of Connie's allotment.)

Some are the more traditional green houses. (This first one is to the right of Connie's allotment.)

But all the sheds are surrounded by the most creative planting, from sweet flower gardens,

to vegetable gardens,

to orchards!

And through it all, signs of Fall.

Truly, the cold will be moving in soon and it's the only reason I can think of as to why anybody would ever leave this dreamy place. Of course, they make heaters for those little sheds too...


Jeannie Brett said...

Love this post. Love the sheds. I remember the many gardens in Edinburgh. Thanks for posting, E.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

You're most welcome Jeannie! :) e