To School - Through the Park

I love you guys, so I made a special trip through the park to get to school recently - camera in hand. It's another way to go, but you'll see why I don't go this way more often when we get to the end...
So, this is the Princes Street Garden.
I did not touch up these colors one bit, by the way. The garden runs along the north side of the castle and was once a moat. Here's the story:
It says, "During the reign of David 1st (1124-1153) this area was used for tournaments, hunting and hawking." Then they talk about the trees because this is posted in a wee forest... Then it says, "In the middle of the 15th Century this area was flooded to form part of the Nor'Loch and served as the northern section of the City's defense until the mid 18th Century. The area was drained between 1790 and 1820 and the Gardens constructed."
Nowadays, on a day like this, the open grassy areas (there are plenty) will be covered with blankets and sunbathers (no swim suits here) by lunchtime.
There's lots to look at in the garden, like the amphitheater. I haven't seen a performance here... yet. Hope to remedy that soon.
The WW1 memorial.
These odd pergolas that run along the path - they're painted bright red inside. I'm really not sure why they're there.
The Fountain.
That church that I usually see from the topside.
And of course, the roses! They are everywhere.
It truly is quiet, lovely and relaxing to walk through the park. But here's the prob. When you get to the other side, you have to go up these stairs, you see.
Oh, they keep going.
Yeah, we're not done yet.
So, by the time I get to school, I'm pretty hot and sweaty. Not ideal. Even so, for you, my dear readers, I make the sacrifice! Ha!

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