The Scottish Museum of Modern Art

The other day I shared our walk along the Water of Leith. The reason we did it was to get to the Scottish Museum of Modern Art. The path led us to the top of a hill where we entered the museum from the back, via a lovely cafe where we stopped for a small snack.
Once we were refortified, we leisurely explored this amazing museum. It's four floors of an amazing collection including:
Duane Hanson's "Tourists"

Paul Klee


Edward Munch etchings.

A Warhol I'd never seen before.


And more Picassos than you should shake a stick at - in nearly every stage of his development. This one was a screen print.

He also graced the wall behind this lovely sculpture by Marino Marini
The visiting exhibit was an especially exciting one to me - Roy Lichtenstein. Dare I call him the father of pop art?

And while I didn't love the look, it was fascinating to see his pieces screen printed on stainless steel.
While making our way through the museum, we had a lovely view of the art installation landscape in the front.
And outside, I was treated to yet another Henry Moore, and a Martin Creed statement over the front door, which read "Everything Is Going To Be Alright."
I soaked this place up like a sponge. Truly, most museums leave me thinking, "I could never do that." This museum left me inspired and wanting to create. It left me seeing art everywhere, and isn't that what it's all about?

PS - It was not lost on me that most of these artists were dead white guys. So, you can be sure I will be going back to see the Modern Scottish Women | Painters and Sculptors 1885-1965 exhibit in November!

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