A mini-adventure to South Queensferry continued...

As I mentioned yesterday, we headed out in search of the Burryman, an annual festival in the small town of Queensferry. After lunch at Port Edgar, we headed east along the coast into Queensferry proper. This is an adorable and picturesque town and was worth the trip on its own.

Hey Stan, Blythe - smile!
How's this for your local bookstore?
I'm dying to go back to try out some of the restaurants there. Can you imagine the view while eating your spaghetti at la barca?
Truly, Queensferry is so picturesque, I got a little snap-happy.
When we got thirsty, we dropped into The Ferry Tap - another spot to try for lunch next visit. It looked good!
Despite celebrating the Burryman every year, the event is not well-known and is mainly celebrated by residents of Queensferry. They do it right, though. They assign a "Ferry Queen," choose a May Queen and Green Man, and they even bring in a carnival, which sits just down the coast towards the Forth Rail Bridge.
It was a wild thing to experience in the middle of our search.

We hooked up with another friend, David as we sought out the burr-covered man.
Happily, our search finally paid off. We found the Burryman! Next...

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