Welcome home! Home these days is Edinburgh, Scotland. Stan met me at the airport and had this sweet sign lit up in the doorway of our flat waiting for me. He's also been plying me with chicken soup, sandwiches and noodle casseroles to recover from the massive jet-lag.
     I would blame my exhaustion on the insane flight... My flight to New York was delayed and finally cancelled due to bad weather. I quickly figured out I was going to miss my connector flight to Edinburgh so got rerouted through London. It only added a few hours onto the journey, although my luggage is still in the US somewhere. I did see a cool thing in London - undergraduate artwork being represented on signage around the airport called "Talentspotting" - it included work from an illustration student from the University of Edinburgh.
     But really, I'm recovering from six weeks of running on adrenalin.
     Our Hollins University program is wonderful and intense. The students are so dedicated to growing and learning, they don't sleep much. When we don't have classes, the schedule is packed with lectures, get-togethers, personal work, and critique groups. As a teacher, that means I'm ON 24/7. (I sleep, but I get insomnia from thinking about it all.)
     If you've met me, you know I'm a very social person. But I love what a friend (hi, Aliya!) recently claimed. She said, "I'm a very friendly introvert." Me too! I have to have my down time to refill my coffers and I didn't get much of that this summer. So, I am seriously exhausted.
     That said, I have so much to DO! School starts back on 19 September and in that time, we have visitors coming, FRINGE is in full swing. I need to finish my dissertation reading for my MFA, slick up my PhD proposal, and do artwork for four book dummies I'm working on - one which has some publishing interest. So, I will give myself two days to be a brain-dead potato before I return to some kind of normalcy. I hope to be back to full swing soon. Wish me luck!

UPDATE! My luggage has been located and should be delivered sometime today - woohoo!


Unknown said...

Good luck! Welcome home
Jess Accetta

Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

Glad you made it! Miss you! Rest up and take care of yourself!