Vintage Mobile Cinema at FRINGE

Stan and I wandered up George Street recently to see what the pop-up venues are all about for FRINGE, when we came across Audrey. Audrey is the name of a Vintage Mobile Cinema bus:
Stan is in to all things with wheels, so of course we had to check it out.
     The bus was created in the 1960s to go around the country and educate engineers on various industry-specific needs. But the scheme only lasted a few years and all the buses (6 or 7 of them) were retired. Audrey is the only one that remains and after being found in a farmer's field, she has been lovingly restored to her former glory. Inside, her original plastic seats have been replaced with real vintage theatre seats. Stan was in love.
We entered for free to enjoy a brief history of the vehicle and a montage of British pathé newsreels and shorts of the history of the Edinburgh International Festival. So interesting!
     I believe the bus will be on George Street for the entire festival, so if you're in town, I recommend you check it out and see...

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