MA Illustration Show

I'm doing an MFA in Illustration at the University of Edinburgh. That means four semesters split by a summer off in-between. It worked perfectly with my summer teaching at Hollins University. Also available would have been an MA in Illustration, which is three straight semesters. Several of my fellow students went this route and recently had their graduation show in the main court of the Edinburgh College of Art.
I'm so glad I returned to Scotland in time for opening night - which was crazy busy and I didn't get a single photo of! But I went back a few days later to share these photos with you.

They even set up a table to sell items from their presentation items - posters, postcards, cards, prints, etc. Katy Wiedemann was manning the table when I stopped by.
Katy is an anatomical illustrator. If you know anything about that, you know she has to be crazy good. Which she is. Here was her final presentation. And here's her website.
Another presentation I'm sharing is Karin Eremia's.
Most of these students will now be leaving us, heading out into the world on their own new adventures. But Karin may stick around for a PhD as well, so she and I may be able to hang out a while longer. Yay!
     The show included both the Graphic Design and Illustration MA students. Since we share a studio, the gang has become pretty tight.

Photo credit to Dan Lester.
Here are the illustration students specifically, Lily (China), Karin (Romania), Eve (France), Ailsa (England), Kelsey (US), and Katy (US).

Photo credit to Dan Lester.
Congratulations to all, it's been awesome to get to know you. I wish you all much success and happiness! And I'll be close behind you - next May...

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