Getting Ready for a Night at the Museum

Friday was the Night at the Museum at the Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow. Our Children's Literature Department hosted a table of Children's Scottish Fantasy Literature. We wanted to make sure to draw lots of attention to the wealth of Scottish writers, so we needed decorations! Happily, there are some really fun art rooms in the Education building where we were able to work thanks to my new favorite person Mona Rahman, the Art and Design Technician. Suzanne, Jennifer and I blew up balloons, made a sign, cut out stars, etc... Our supervisor, Dr. Maureen Farrell called us her happy elves.
We had a great time playing like kindergartners with paint and string. Even better, it snowed! This was the incredible view out those windows. It was hard to capture, but those are big, fat snowflakes streaming by.

One of my other supervisors, Dr. Bob Davis is a Wagner fan, so I played his music while we created. Nothing like painting in the snow to Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries!

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