Sneak Peek at Christmas

The second-most-popular tourist time for Edinburgh is the Christmas and holiday season. It's well-earned. The town gets thoroughly decked out in twinkle lights and decorations. The Christmas Village will open. And Connie celebrated her birthday. We meet our friend every year at The Dome for cocktails to celebrate, and it has become our official kick-off to the holiday season. How could it not with a view down George Street like this?
And an interior decorated to the hilt.
It's one of the must-sees when visiting this time of year, and we'll be sure our friends Janice and Tom see it when they come over at the end of the month!
     And truly, this is only a sneak peek - I'll be snapping lots more photos to share with you! Especially of the new light structure at the end of George Street - that blue dome thing in the photo. I hear it's a globe and I haven't seen it up close yet...

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