Picture Hooks 2017

Last week I headed over the Water of Leith...
to the Museum of Modern Art to meet Vivian French for lunch and see the Picture Hooks Exhibit.
These are the lucky, beginning illustrators who worked with successful picture book mentors to up their crafts. For instance, lucky Hazel Dunn worked with the amazing Patrick Benson.
I loved seeing two of his original pieces - pen and ink and watercolor on colored paper - wow.
I loved the work mentee Anders Frang did especially with his mentor Steve Antony.

It was an absolute treat to see Helen Stephen's work up close and personal.

That street scene was done with watercolor, ink, and caran d'ache crayon.
     But the best part of all, in my opinion, is seeing the work-in-progress sketches. To get a behind the scenes glimpse at how these creators thought processes developed. Like these character studies by Frang.

The development of the main character from too old to a proper little girl in Kirsti Beautyman's work. She was chosen Picture Hooks Illustrator for 2017.

And the textile-inspired work of Hazel Dunn.

I wonder why the blue in Hlín Davidsdottir's work?
All in all, very cool, and wonderful to see it with my friend Viv!
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