Glasgow's Night at the Museum: Fantasy Scotland

The Hunterian Museum's Night at the Museum: Fantasy Scotland took place Friday evening at 7:00pm. The Hunterian is located in the main University of Glasgow campus building and is one of the most beautiful museums I've ever seen.
I showed you Nessie already. Here's the other skeleton that greets you when you walk into the museum - lit up purple and blue for the evening.
The event was part of the Being Human Festival and Scotland's Winter Festivals, and the idea of my 3rd PhD supervisor, Rob Maslen, head of the English Literature: Fantasy MLitt program at the UoG.
The event was sold out, and it was easy to see why. A fun tour of the museum was available with additional fact-finding, such as the Mummy...
and this fun info about Scottish Mummies in particular...
People dressed up.
I loved this woman's ear-decorations, which she found on Etsy.
As for us - our Children's Scottish Fantasy Literature table was next to the Harry Potter table (and the sorting chair, which I talked about HERE).
Here we were getting ready - Debbie, Suzanne, Ming-Leng (is that spelled right?), and me at the top of the stairs hanging balloons.

and geeking-out over the books to share with Dr. Maureen Farrell.

Forget the people, I just wanted to read all night!

Maureen was the hit of the evening as she was very good at reading the new Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - in SCOTS!!! HILARIOUS!! Truly, the evening was a huge hit. And so was my journey home, through the arches...
and down Ashton Lane, all decorated for the holidays. What a lovely evening!

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