Out n' About in Edinburgh

The weather has been lovely as Edinburgh transitions into colder weather and the holidays loom. The Christmas villages are starting to go up. Friends are out, and Stan and I had to wander. This will be the ice-skating rink in St. Andrew Square.
Harvey Nicks has brightened up their entire building's displays.
Stan and I had to get out and enjoy this weather, so we went to lunch down in Stockbridge, where we ran into Deborah and Connie and Humphrey (the fuzziest one).
And I promised you more wedding party photos. Here are the men having pictures taken. That's the best man, I believe, in the kilt.
Photos not shared are the giant dinosaur puppet on Princes Street, and the bachelor party with the groom-to-be being hazed by his friends, forced to wear a day-glo aerobics outfit. I wasn't brave enough to grab that one for you! But I'll try again on the dinosaur. So, y'know, just normal stuff. :)
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